Khaliyq Muhammad - Realtor

Khaliyq first began working in the Atlanta-area real estate industry with several investors on some of their projects and managed investment properties there for several years before moving to Chicago.

When the financial crisis began, Khaliyq sought ways to assist homeowners, so he began expanding his knowledge about financing, the art of negotiating, and real estate law. As a service-oriented professional, Khaliyq is always looking for ways to assist others.

Whether working with first-time home buyers, investors, providing property management services or with clients that are experiencing difficulty covering their mortgage payments, Khaliyq finds enjoyment in providing the best service he can.

Khaliyq can be found providing services throughout the Chicagoland area and especially in the West Loop, the South Loop, Ukrainian Village, Wicker Park and Bridgeport.

Lake View Office
932 W. Grace St., Chicago, Illinois, 60613

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